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What is Marshall really like?

He's the most reliable, authentic, talented, funny (in a bad Dad jokes kinda way) bluesman you can book.

...Though he's too humble to tell you so himself.  Ask others, or see for yourself:

Mississippi Marshall was instrumental (ha!) in launching Live From Clarksdale, which kept the blues alive for over 400 nights straight throughout the pandemic.  He, and sometimes his grandson Grayson, played every Sunday afternoon on what he cheekily called his Social Distancing Tour.  An international community of blues lovers still gathers whenever Marshall plays live online.

This video was one of the original inspirations for beginning Live From Clarksdale.  Filmed live as the bar emptied on March 17, 2020 it turned out to be the last night of "normal" music in public.  When published a few days later on Shared Experiences USA, it was immediately shared and viewed by over 5,000 people.  (Clarksdale's population is less than three times that size.)


Marshall's music resonated.

And his story: between songs, Marshall is funny and engaging.  Jump to 4:30 for the story of how "Mississippi Marshall" got his name, and his explanation of cowboy fastdraw.

What other bluesman is also a world champion fastdraw cowboy?!

Ask for the solo Mississippi Marshall experience when booking to get Marshall's pin-you-to-your-seat sound.

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