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Grayson Hopper at Ground Zero with Lucious Spiller - Shared Experiences Clarksdale - PXL_2

Who is Grayson?

Grayson is Mississippi Marshall's grandson.  He learns from Marshall, just as Marshall learned from his father.  Together, they form "Mississippi Marshall Deluxe."

Grayson got his first guitar at age 5, and has been playing with his granddad since he was 9. 

He plays bass, guitar, drums & trombone, and has won the Boise Blues Society Youth Scholarship.  Music is what he wants to do for a living.

Audiences have watched Grayson grow up over the last decade of playing with his granddad, most recently on Live From Clarksdale broadcasts when they played together on the "Social Distancing Tour." 

Ask for "Mississippi Marshall Deluxe" when booking to get the full sound of this dynamic duo together.

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